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What is the Lean Queen Lifestyle?

The Lean Queen Lifestyle is a weight loss program designed to fit into the life of a busy women. We do not exclude foods or have rules around eating. We do not just hand you a regimen to follow or prescribe foods to eat, because we know that doesn’t work for the long haul. We work with you where you are and teach you how to keep the foods you love and still lose weight! We provide you with the calories and macronutrients that you need to lose weight and then teach you how to meet them enjoyably. With the Lean Queen Lifestyle membership you get all the tools you need to succeed! You will have access to our video library, tip sheets, exclusive recipes, regular virtual (and private) weigh ins, mini push challenges, our community and more! The Lean Queen Lifestyle is truly a lifestyle approach to weight loss, food freedom, and constant encouragement and accountability.


Who is the Lean Queen Lifestyle for?

The Lean Queen Lifestyle is for any woman who is sick of the fad diets and ready to lose weight and KEEP it off. It is for the woman who loves good food and wants to continue having it! It is for the woman who is so busy that she can barely keep her head on straight, much less keep up with meal prepping, fasting, calculations, or when she is allowed to eat what.

The Lean Queen Lifestyle is for the woman who wants to still have her wine, cheese, bread and desserts while losing weight! It is for the woman ready to take control of her eating and her life, learning what works best for YOU while still enjoying all the foods you love.


Why Lean Queen Lifestyle?

In our heads when we think of starting a weight loss program we like to envision ourselves becoming this super fit, superhuman who meal preps to a T, exercises daily and never eats a donut.

We are going to “work for what we want.” Am I right?

However, when thinking ahead to our newest weight loss venture, we tend to forget that we still have to maintain our real and VERY BUSY lives. So before long, our goals and plans suddenly feel very hard and unreachable because all of life’s demands have caught up to us.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You start a diet with full intentions of changing your habits and sticking to it this time. Things are going great the first few weeks and you are losing weight and feeling good. Then, your kid gets sick and you miss your meal prep for the week. Then, your husband surprises the family with donuts for breakfast on a Saturday and you can’t shoot down his efforts by saying no. Then, you go to the restaurant that serve your favorite dessert and you just have to indulge! Slowly but surely, you find yourself giving up and going back to your old ways. You decide that weight loss is impossible because you just can’t do it. People who do this must have much more willpower than you do!

I hate to tell you sis, but you set yourself up for failure at the beginning. And unfortunately each time we try a diet and fail, we end up feeling even worse about ourselves.

The good news is that you are not a failure!!

I mean… if being such a superhuman were that easy, we’d already be doing it!

Just know that it is not your fault. 

The world has got us believing that total deprivation is the only way. That we must exclude certain foods and food groups, love to exercise and be strong enough to always, always, always say no to the yummy things in life. What’s worse is they tell us that if we can’t do it at 100% then we are failures. This is a lie.

But I want to let you in on a little secret… 

Those who truly maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight (for more than a few months), have figured out that the extremists are full of lies, dramatics, and get skinny (and possibly rich) quick methods. The women you see who are maintaining their goal weight and still enjoying their lives have learned that it is about achieving moderation and achieving it consistently.

In the Lean Queen Lifestyle we are teaching you how to think and act like those women who are enjoying food AND losing and maintaining their weight loss. No extreme efforts that feel exhausting, just practical approaches that add up to smaller pants and feeling better than ever!


What’s It Include?

  • Personalized assessment with calories/macro recommendations
  • Access to highly trained registered dietitians
  • Lean Queen Lifestyle specific website and community access
  • Lean Queen Lifestyle tip sheets, video library, 40 page guidebook, regular live videos
  • Exclusive Lean Queen Lifestyle recipes
  • Personal (and private) weight tracker with monthly virtual weigh ins
  • Mini challenges to stay motivated
  • Real life weight loss strategies such as doable cooking tips, recipes for picky families, losing weight when there is no time to exercise, easy grocery finds, eating on the go, losing weight when your schedule is crazy, healthier habits you can actually stick to, and more!
  • Daily encouragement and support from a community full of women just like you!

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