Six weeks together designed to help you tighten up physically and mentally, challenging you to be your healthiest self and finally lose the weight!


Sign up for this challenge if you want the perfect weight loss plan for YOU plus the resources and support to see it all the way through!


What is Lean In?

A six week challenge created with everything you need to focus in and achieve your weight loss goals!

We will guide you through identifying your specific action areas for weight loss (everyone’s will look different), provide personalized nutrition numbers to help you meet your goals, and give you unlimited resources and support along the way. You will receive our exclusive Realistic Goal Getting Guide, Daily Goals Checklist, Grocery List, Daily Meal Planner, Weekly Meal Planner, Daily Tracking Template, Hydration Tracking and Scheduling Templates, Hydration Tips, Eating Ideas, Tracking Tips, Plate Goals, Lean Queen Hunger Scale and more! You will also have access to recipes created just for our Lean In members!

Not only will you get all the tools you need to lose the weight, you will have the support and accountability you need to succeed with this program! You will get daily encouragement from me on different topics related to weight loss, we will complete a weekly weigh in (on your private dashboard), you will have an opportunity to find an accountability partner, and you will have access to the Lean In community where you can share meal ideas, recipes, support and more with others in the program!

Who is Lean In For?

The Lean In Six Week Challenge is for any woman looking to get serious and stay consistent with their weight loss goals!

If you have ever worked with me, I have no doubts that you know WHAT to do.

You know my method works.

You know you can enjoy all foods and still lose weight. You know how to track your food. You know what foods to choose and you know how to incorporate the foods you love.

The real struggle is maintaining the motivation to keep going!

Willpower is not infinite, which is why the motivation can fizzle. As soon as you have a crazy busy week or a string of less than ideal food choices or some sort of stressor that arrives and derails your weight loss thought process, you can find yourself less motivated and distracted by the realities of life. Before you know it, you are back off track and totally avoiding the goals that you set.

Sure, you had great intentions! But life got in the way and you had no idea how to balance it all!

We hear this all the time. Which is why we designed Lean In.

We are teaching you how to set realistic goals and actions, providing the tools you need to work towards them, and then sticking with you daily for SIX WEEKS to help instill these practices into your routine and keep you on track!

We are hitting reset on our eating habits and working hard for 6 weeks to still enjoy the food freedom aspect of weight loss, but also stay zoned in and focused on our goals!

Less Slips. More Control. Same grace as always.

Why Lean In?

When we hear the term “lean in” we can think about it in many different ways. When thinking about fitness and health we think of “leaning in” as making our body thinner, but also stronger. When approaching our goals we can “lean in” from a place of pursuing bigger and better things without giving up. In our spiritual lives we “lean in” by relying on God and putting our trust and faith in his strength, not our own. Emotionally we “lean in” by choosing to acknowledge and accept feelings or situations instead of disregarding them. Here we are going to take six weeks and lean in to it all, for the sake of our health and our happiness! It is time to stop running, and just LEAN IN!

What’s It Include?

With this program you will get:

  • Personalized nutrition numbers
  • Access to highly trained registered dietitians
  • Exclusive Lean In Realistic Goal Getting Guide, with realistic goal setting strategies that take into account YOUR current life
  • Daily goals checklist
  • SO many tip sheets and guides to help you with your weight loss
  • Exclusive Lean In recipes
  • Lean In community access with recipe sharing, meal ideas, grocery tips, uplifting encouragement, accountability partners and more!
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Daily accountability from the PFN team


***If you are a current Lean Queen Lifestyle OR a previous Lean In member, remember to log in to your account before checking out so you don’t get an error! 💗