Private Consult


If you don’t know where to start on your nutrition journey, this 45-minute private consult is the plan for you! You will work individually with Constance to develop goals as they relate to your current lifestyle and develop a realistic plan for success. Constance will provide nutrition strategies and education that is tailored to your needs. At conclusion of the meeting, you will receive a follow up email with your personalized recommended calories, macros, and tools to reach your individualized goals.

With this package you will receive:

  • one 45-minute meeting with Constance
  • analysis and feedback on current intake
  • weight and body fat analysis
  • individualized goal setting and plan
  • customized calorie and macronutrient plan
  • nutrition strategies and education tailored to your needs

*continuous monthly follow up and accountability meetings are available at a reduced rate for this package

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