Let’s talk about it. Some of you aren’t there yet, but some of my veterans have been there or are headed there. I actually hit several during my post baby weight loss so I know how frustrating it can be.
There are a couple reasons for a plateau. The good news is that we always come out on the other side of them… but they can be so frustrating and cause us to give up before we get there! So let’s lay it out there so you can be aware and not give up!
Possible Reason #1: You added exercise to your routine. Exercise does AMAZING things for our body, but you have to know that exercising can cause us to retain fluid and our muscles to swell aka: the scale hates us!! Not to mention, exercise builds muscle so you may actually be losing fat, but the muscles you are gaining are causing the scale to “look” like it’s not moving. This is why inches are SO IMPORTANT for my exercising peeps!
The good news: After about a month or 2 of consistent exercising, your body realizes you aren’t going to quit and tries to regulate itself. Aka: you should begin to see that scale movement again.
Possible Reason #2: You stopped tracking. It sounds silly, but soooo many of my ladies are so good about tracking at first, see the weight loss and then decide they are amazing at losing weight and stop tracking lol! It is so crazy how that extra handful of chips and that bite of cookie cake can add up y’all. Or even worse, how you don’t drink any water all day if you aren’t striving for those ounces!! So if you aren’t tracking consistently, this is likely the reason behind the plateau (aka, you are overeating and under drinking!)
The good news: One day you will be able to stop tracking. I PROMISE! But that will be once you are much more comfortable with this process, your usual intake, and your willpower- so longer than 3 weeks. Prior to getting pregnant and trying to lose the weight, I hardly ever tracked and was able to maintain my weight loss just fine. But when we are seriously striving for a goal, and nutrition seems kind of hard to us, tracking is key!
Possible Reason #3: You aren’t eating enough. If you are coming in wayyy under your calories each day, you are likely in starvation mode. At first it was probably working well and you were seeing more weight loss than expected, but all of the sudden it stopped and now you feel like nothing is working for you. Imagine your body freaking out because you aren’t feeding it enough so it just stops burning off any fat to stay safe… yea, that’s happening.
The good news: Start eating your calories and you will see the loss again!!!
Possible Reason #4: You literally hit a plateau. For those of you who have been at it for awhile, this is quite likely the case. The facts are that our bodies don’t want to lose weight. Our bodies want us to keep all the cushy fat so it can stay lazy and warm. Weight loss requires our bodies to work hard and essentially they are working against themselves to burn off the fat. So after awhile, our bodies get pissed and fight back even more… leading to the refusal of fat burn causing no weight loss.
The good news: If you just keep doing what you are doing, the weight will start coming off again. I PROMISE. But to help your body out, you can try a few things to speed it along. 1) Walk. Adding in some cardio and extra calorie burning activity can only help in snapping you out of that plateau. 2) Use your flex. Caloric cycling is an actual thing. I don’t want to get too deep into it but by sticking to our lower calorie numbers during the week and then using our flex on the weekends, we can actually trick our bodies into thinking we are going to feed it more so it will begin to burn fat more easily again. (don’t let this be an excuse to eat irresponsibly or else you will offset all your hard work!) 3) Make sure you have emailed me if you have lost 10+ pounds since your last assessment. Our calorie needs change as we lose weight, so we need to adjust! 4) BE PATIENT. I cannot tell you how many Lean Queens email me about being frustrated with a plateau and then the next week they are losing again. The truth is, it sucks, but our bodies will eventually give in and start burning fat again. SO HOLD ON!
AND REMEMBER the smaller you are and the less weight that you have left to lose, the sloooowerrrrrrrrrrr it comes off. Again, it stinks but it is nice to know that is normal…if you are down to 140 pounds you WILL NOT lose 2 pounds a week. You just won’t y’all. Facts of healthy living/weight loss life.
Let us know if you’ve had a plateau and what you did to get out of it.