If you are like me, your family is already texting trying to figure out what you are bringing for Thanksgiving!
GOOD NEWS! We just recently added several PFN holiday recipes to your dashboard!!! These recipes are lighter but NOT “diet.” I aim for food to be GOOD and these recipes keep the flavor in tact, just simply reduce serving sizes of the higher fat and calorie ingredients!
Some Perfect Fit Nutrition recipe ideas for the holidays:
  • PFN Healthier Sweet Potato Casserolehere.
  • PFN Lighter Mac and Cheesehere.
  • PFN Hashbrown Casserole Lightened Uphere.
  • PFN Southern Squash Casserole Done Lighter-here.
  • Roasted Fall Veggieshere.
  • PFN Tangy Apple Cheddar Saladhere.
  • PFN Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin Seeds, and Feta- here.
  • PFN Oatmeal Pecan Piehere.
  • PFN Skinny Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake DIphere.
  • PFN Skinnier Banana Puddinghere.