05:10- Question 1: How often do people REALLY cook & grocery shop? I often find myself with no food in the house and starving because I don’t know the best way to plan. Do you go to Walmart every day? Do you plan 7 meals and make a 4 hour haul at Walmart?

18:58- Question 2: Should calorie intake increase, decrease, or stay the same when you are sick or healing? I’m assuming eating a box of Oreos, on the couch watching Netflix isn’t the goal.

23:35- Question 3: I am a type 2 diabetic and also going through menopause. What are some tips and suggestions for being successful in this program but also managing my diabetes. I have found that I can be within my calorie limit but my blood sugar isn’t always the best.

31:37- Question 4: Can you please do a Macros for Dummies overview? My brain just cannot comprehend how to count them, so I just keep track of calories.

38:21- Question 5: It is cold and I am losing my motivation. Help!!

50:58- Looking ahead with PFN!