On this two part Say Grace podcast, Constance has her Team Dietitian and weight loss expert, Stacy on to talk about menopause and weight loss!

Menopause is a common topic amongst our clients and the inevitable for all women! On this two part series they first lay the ground work for understanding menopause and how it affects our bodies, specifically related to weight loss, and then they focus on how to best serve our bodies well while dealing with weight loss and still trying to feel good and lose weight.


Listen in to part one today as they discuss hormones and the role they play, the stages of menopause and how soon it can actually start and how menopause affects the body!


Make sure to tune in for part 2 next week as they dive deep into the effect menopause has on our weight loss and specific areas of our body related to weight loss, how our intake should change during cycle times to best accommodate our hormones and how to eat to best serve your body during menopause.