Lean Queens Challenge

You are likely here because you have heard one of your friends talking about it. And they are talking about it because it works, it is not complicated, and it is sustainable!


We are all looking to find the balance between bettering ourselves and managing what is required to do so. Weight loss can feel impossible, especially if you are not following a plan that works for you! The Lean Queens Weight Loss Challenge provides you with individualized guidelines to achieve your goals, while providing tools and the community to help support you on your journey.

Become one of the hundreds of women who have learned the healthy life balance and achieved that desired weight loss!

8 WEEKS FOR $84 (January 23nd- March 20th)

Sign up before Sunday, January 20th! Immediately following checkout, you will receive an email with the link to the challenge welcome info and assessment. Assessment must be completed by January 20th! You will be added to the private Facebook group by the evening of January 22nd.


Challenge Details

Sign Up Includes:

  • Access to a licensed and registered dietitian who has helped hundreds of people on their weight loss journey
  • A detailed assessment to ensure the best fit for you
  • Individualized calorie, macronutrient, and water intake plan specific to your needs and lifestyle
  • Exclusive private Facebook group access that includes:
    – videos by Constance based on nutrition topics requested by you
    – healthy recipes and cooking demos
    – consistent information on the newest and most accurate nutrition info
    – ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability
    – making new friends with women who are just like you
    – guidance on grocery shopping, eating out, and so much more!
  • Virtual weigh-ins so you can stay accountable from ANYWHERE! (information will not be seen by others in the group)
  • A community of women just like you to help you along your journey!


  • Participation does not require you to be local!
  • You will need to have a Facebook account to participate.
  • Virtual weigh ins will be held January 23rd, February 20th, and March 20th. Plan to take weight, measurements, and progress pics at this time to send via email to Constance.