The other night I had Glory home by myself. Jess and Sara Mason were gone, so Glory and I ate in front of the TV so that momma could enjoy a Netflix show while I ate, which literally never happens.
We were enjoying ourselves and then I noticed something about myself… I had gotten up and gotten seconds TWICE. I ate so much more of this particular meal than I ever had before.
I caught myself and started reflecting. I tend to eat so much more when my family is not around. Whether it is in the afternoon when I am working and munching on a snack, or in the car driving to get my kids, or at night after the kids are in bed and Jess is in the shower and I am having “me time,” I eat with less control.
Now, let me be loud and clear, my husband never ever ever says anything about what or how much I eat. He probably thinks I don’t eat enough if you asked him. So, this behavior has absolutely nothing to do with him or how he would react, rather it has more to do with me and my brain. Without anyone around watching me, it almost felt like it didn’t count as much.
I know all of you experience this to an extent- maybe less, maybe more. This type of behavior can cause us guilt or even confusion. Some of us disregard this behavior (for some it is so secret that we can trick our minds into forgetting it even happened!) and wonder why we aren’t seeing the pounds drop.
By no means am I therapist, so if this is a deeper issue for you, definitely find someone who can help. BUT I do have a few tips that can help us all be more mindful of our lazy eating!
  1. Make eating more formal. Do not eat while driving, working, watching tv, etc. Eating should not be multitasked- it should be It’s own single task. Make time to eat and focus only on that.
  2. Control the portion. Portion out the food into a dish and put the food completely away so that it becomes harder to stick your hand back in that bag of chips for “just one more handful.”
  3. Track it before you eat it. This is huge for me. If I see how much a serving of a particular food is going to “cost” me beforehand, I am less likely to eat more of it after I am done! If I had done this the other day, I would not have gone back for seconds.
  4. If you find yourself thinking about more food, PIVOT. Go for a walk, do laundry, take a shower, play with your kids, etc etc. LEAVE THE KITCHEN.
  5. Most importantly, DO NOT look at any food as forbidden. This can eventually turn into a binge that may get your mindset out of whack. We love every food, just in moderation.
  6. And if you do happen to have a day like the one I mentioned, GRACE AND FORGIVENESS TIMES 100!!!!!! I am putting this out there to show y’all that even me, as your leader, am not perfect when it comes to food!!! If I have not mastered perfection by now, it is never coming. Find relief in that. Remember one crazy meal doesn’t have to turn into 100 crazy meals. It is up to us and us alone to turn it around.