I kind of sort of love how water has become a fad. I mean think about it… Everyone is spending $30-$50 on these cutesy water bottles (and cups) to carry around and sip on throughout the day. Or at least I will pretend that’s what everyone has in their bottles.

The other day Jess and I were discussing how stupid we all must have been during the days where our coaches would restrict water during practice and games. Like literally people, it is a proven fact that we need water to live…. so why on earth would we restrict it?

Glad we are all smarter now with our monogrammed Yeti cups and Swell bottles!

Water is a miracle worker. I mean, it keeps our skin looking fabulous, keeps us regular, keeps our organs functioning properly, and keeps us hydrated. By staying hydrated we can experience less fatigue, better performance and an improved state of mind. Water is also very popular in the weight loss world. Replacing the hundreds of calories in sugar-sweetened beverages with water will result in a lower caloric consumption each day, therefore resulting in weight loss. Also, we tend to mistake thirst for hunger often. Drinking water before we decide to grab that snack cake can result in the satiety you were hoping for without all the calories! Furthermore, by drinking water before we eat our meals will trick our stomachs into feeling more full, therefore causing you to consume less.

Make sure you are getting enough water this holiday season by taking your weight (in pounds) and dividing it in half. This is the MINIMUM number of water in ounces that you should be getting daily. This easy equation does not take into account your individual physical activity level or health factors, so it is possible that you need even more!

These water tips can help us survive nutritionally this holiday season. So if you haven’t already, jump on the water band wagon! I am hoping it is one that stays around!

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