I am asked this question so often and honestly I feel like it’s a trick question. Like “hey Constance, how do I eat at hibachi?” This question is so wide open. Like, do you even like the salad or edamame that I may suggest to help fill you up before eating higher calorie sushi? Is sushi a rare occurrence for you and you love it so much?? Choosing menu items that you hate at restaurants you love just to lose weight is how we can put ourselves into a nasty headspace around weight loss in general.
Life is not supposed to suck so you can be skinny.
You aren’t supposed to torture yourselves at your favorite restaurants to drop a pants size. Now, sometimes I know you are just driving through Chick Fila with your kids for the 10th time this month and are truly like “what should I choose because this is daily life” but other times, it can be more emotionally complicated. 
So, before you ask me this question, let me ask you some questions. 
Is it your fave restaurant or could you care less? 
Is this a place you rarely visit or are you celebrating something special? 
Do you even like anything “light” at this restaurant? 
How are you feeling about this outing? Will you feel like you are missing out big time if you “have” to choose healthy? 
Is it a flex day for you? 
All of these questions are unique to you and your dining experience. So yea, you can post a menu of a fancy steakhouse and ask what to pick. And we may all comment and say “side salad, half a filet, asparagus, skip dessert.” BUT SIS. Are you going for your anniversary? Is this yours and your hubby’s fave place to eat? Have you not had a date night in what feels like 81627 years? Is your fave side on the menu the cheesy potatoes? Do you feel it in your bones that you want to have wine AND dessert???? Because if all this is yes, then half the filet, salad, asparagus and no dessert is going to feel like a HUGE sacrifice. While sometimes sacrifices are definitely worth it, other times they just cloud us with a feeling of unnecessary misery that may lead to self sabotage later on. 
The importance of the day will depend on the “strictness” of the menu choices. You’d rather get those dang cheesy potatoes and lose less this week while staying on this bandwagon than fall off of it because their steamed asparagus sucked and you binged alllll the things for days after as “payback” to yourself for that awful meal causing you to spiral and give up hope.