Let me preface with… Mexican is my fave. I cannot simply go to Mexican and not have chips and a marg. But also let me tell you that we don’t do it very often. We are not a once-a-week-Mexican-outing kind of family. So when I go, I go big.
BUT here are some of my tips for ordering Mexican:
? Skip anything “smothered”. And if you must, ask for the sauce on the side.
? It is ok to go in with the mindset of “I am going to eat some chips.” Acknowledge it. Accept it. Then you will have better control over the situation- trust me. I mean if you aren’t into chips and salsa then definitely don’t. But so many people kill themselves trying not to eat chips and dip at Mexican and it is their favorite part!! It makes life miserable. So be mindful and save up some extra calories for the day so you can have some chips and dip!
? I like to count out my chips before hand and break them up into tiny pieces so that I get more “dips” out of my pre-counted chips.
? If cheese dip is a must, just be careful!!! This can add up sooo quick. I like to literally scrape my chip on the bowl to get as much dip off as possible ha
? If you are feeling like being a star student, chop up some raw veggies to use as dippers instead.
? A red sauce is usually the best sauce option.
? Salsa is your friend- it is super low calorie.The chips are the problematic ones.
? If there is a decent grilled fish or chicken option, go with it!
? If you overdid it on the chips, skip the sides that come with your meal. Try to stick to the protein part of it. I will admit, sometimes I go overboard on the chips. When I know going into it that I’m probably going to overeat the chips, I will order 1-2 chicken soft tacos as my meal and try to only eat the meat out of it.
? If you get a salad, ask for toppings on the side. Sometimes it comes with so much sour cream/avocado/cheese that you may as well have gotten the dang chimichanga for how much fat you are about to take in!
? Fajitas are a good option. Chicken or shrimp are usually the lower fat protein option. I always tell clients that if you are going to do the chips and salsa, then skip the tortillas on your fajitas.
? Tortilla soup is typically lower calorie, but it does have some sodium y’all!
? Pre-made margarita mix can be packed with sugar and calories. Ask the bartender if they have a lighter way of making a margarita. If not, beer/wine may be a lighter option… just depends if it is worth it!
? Never ever ever ever weigh yourself the day after Mexican. EVER.