Group Call Playbacks

These videos are playbacks from our weekly group calls.
Tip: You don’t have to actually watch most of these, you can just listen. Plug up your phone on the go or while cooking!

Week 1 Zoom

Week 1: Past Diet Reflections and Goal Setting

Week 2 Zoom

Week 2: Round table and suggestions! 

Hunger Scale

Quick walk through of the hunger scale!

Maintaining Momentum

Copy of Maintaining Momentum Live from the Lean Queen Lifestyle

Week 3 Zoom

Week 3: Willpower and Mindset!

Week 4 Zoom

4 Week Round Table! Successes, struggles, questions.

Week 5 Zoom

Week 5: The brain- how it works and how to retrain it

Week 6 Zoom

Week 6: Round table about negative thinking 

Week 7 Zoom

Week 7: Emotional and Mindless Eating

Week 8 Zoom

Week 8: Round table about emotional and mindless eating

Week 9 Zoom

Week 9: Habit stacking

Week 11 Zoom

Week 11: Round table on mindless/emotional eating and struggles

How to maintain your progress

Week 12 Zoom

Week 12: Portion Control, Food Pairings, 12 Week Wrap Up