Whew y’all. Let me be honest, last week I was in survival mode. Jess and I celebrated 10 years and while that was wonderful, my family and I were dealing with some super hard things. Maybe one day I will have permission to share it with the world, but for now just know that I (along with most of the PFN team) have been so worn down. I needed a few days of rest and relaxation and can I tell y’all that it makes A WORLD of difference! Soooo refer back to my live on ditching the excuses if you need a kick in the pants to give yourself some rest!

Anywho, I finally started the book Atomic Habits this week. It’s been on my list forever and y’all, THIS MAN IS BRINGING IT. This quote right here is everything.
We can have allllll the goals in the world, but if we don’t put the systems in place to help us achieve them, and actually work the system, they are simply goals left unachieved. And unachieved goals causes us to feel like we are failures!!! This is why I am constantlyyyy talking about not setting too high or too immediate expectations!

So, the goal for most of us is to lose weight right? BUT WHAT IS YOUR SYSTEM?

This is how stupid fad diets get us. They make us focus on the “glory’ in reaching that goal so much until we are writing a $500 check for crappy food and supplements. They spoon feed you the method but then when that money runs out, you are left on your own feeling lost and reverting back to old habits— old and poor systems.

You did not create that weight loss system. You need a system that works for you, created by you. Until you find that, you will be left staring at your goals thinking you will never achieve them.

We have given you an outline, but you have to USE IT and work within it daily! Take some time and work on yourselves y’all. It requires paying attention to your habits. Getting to the root of the things you really want to change and determining tiny doable actions for change. Actions that you can realistically take on each day. AND THEN FREAKING DOING THEM. Doing them every single day. Over and over and over. Failing sometimes but striving for them again the next day anyway. Ignoring that voice in your head that finds excuses that you could use for not doing them and pushing forward anyway. Constantly choosing that system day in and day out, until it becomes comfortable and fluid.

And that is when the results come.
That is how the goal is met.
But by that time, the goal isn’t even the ultimate reward anymore, it is the new and improved you that you have made yourself to be.