“I’m tracking my food, drinking my water and exercising and the scale won’t move!”

We get so many emails from y’all frustrated about the scale stalling. After digging a little deeper 95% of the time, we get to the same culprit…. THE EXERCISE.
Now, y’all know we love exercise. It is so good for our minds and bodies. But just because it is good for us, doesn’t mean that it can’t shake some things up! When you start exercising for the first time or the first time in a while, increase your time or days/week that you exercise, or change up your exercise routine, it is common to experience some frustration on the scale. It is definitely annoying, but IT IS NORMAL! So deep breaths and let’s talk about it.
Here are the reasons exercise could be stalling the scale:
1) Fluid retention. You are doing work to your body with exercise! It is good work, but work nonetheless. So sometimes our bodies take it upon themselves to “rescue” us from the stress and strain we put on it with extra fluid that takes a little while to leave!
2) Muscle swelling. If you are sore, then you did something to make yourself that way. If you are physically feeling the effect of your workout, then you know your insides are feeling it too! This could cause the number on the scale to go up temporarily, so this is why I don’t recommend weighing when you are sore or have worked out in the past few days.
3) You may be losing fat, but also building muscle. Again, if you are sore that means you have done some good work! Sore muscles = growing muscles! Growing muscles help our bodies function easier, have better balance, have stronger bones, and burn more calories! However, muscle weighs as much as fat and is actually more dense than fat! A normal scale cannot distinguish a difference between muscle and fat so if you are gaining muscle, while losing fat, the scale may still show the same. This is why it is important to take inches and pay attention to the way your clothes fit!
The good news is that if you remain consistent on your exercise, after a few months your body starts to pick up on your routine and doesn’t freak out as bad. However, you may never lose weight as quickly or steadily as someone who does not work out.
If the scale is a problem, stay off of it. Keep tracking. Drink your water. Take your inches. Take the pictures. Love your workouts. And remember the great things you are doing for your body!