I am back with barre owner and fitness enthusiast, Erin Tate, for more discussion on exercise and weight loss!

If you missed it, go back to Part 1 where we dove in on how strength training can be good for your body and your weight loss!  

On today’s episode, we go deeper and Erin breaks down the differences between weight lifting and low-intensity exercises like barre. 

We also hit on rest days, what that can look like and why they are important for us to take!

As we wrap up we talk a little bit more about how exercise can fit in with your weight loss goals with the right outlook and focus!

And then we dive into our fun Q&A session with surprise questions for each other about exercise, nutrition and weight loss. I share my WORST recipe creation fail to date and don’t miss her favorite playlist to workout to… it had me giggling! 



You can learn more about Erin at @thebarr.e on instagram or email her at erintate.barre@gmail.com