Welcome to your PFN Weight Loss Course Kitchen!

This is where all of the 50+ trainings that you have access to can be found!

Remember, it is not a race.

I encourage you to take your time here and work through these as you feel prepared. Some of the information in the later courses will not apply to those who are new without much solid foundation just yet, so make sure to utilize the PFN Weight Loss Roadmap to determine where you are on your weight loss journey and what course you should check out next!

Also, make sure to pay attention to the trainings that have material attached! We have lots of DOTHEWORKsheets and Refrigerator Sheets that go along with some of these trainings to make it as easy as possible for you!



Start Here

Here you will get all you need to know about getting started with us on this program and losing that weight!

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First Course

Here we are showing you how to navigate this program to best suit you, and how to use the tools we provide to create a weight loss plan that works! This course is aligned with the Fresh Starter stage of the PFN Roadmap.

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Second Course

In this course we are dipping your toes into getting more narrowed in on how YOU will succeed at YOUR weight loss. Take your time here and really spend some time on yourself. This course is aligned with the Action Achiever stage of the PFN Roadmap.

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Third Course

In this course, we are talking about some ways to make things like tracking, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and choosing foods a little easier to manage. This course is meant to support you in your efforts of reaching those intentions and action steps you set! This course is aligned with the Goal Getter stage of the PFN Roadmap. You will stay here for a lot longer than the previous two courses/stages!

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Fourth Course

In this course we will learn about more topics that will help this life feel more attainable so you can remain consistent. We will talk about each of the macros and why they matter, quality of foods, snacking, alcohol, reading a food label and how to flex our calories or those special occasions! This course is aligned with the Consistency Sister stage of the PFN Roadmap.

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Fifth Course

This course aligns with the Deep Diver stage on your PFN Roadmap where you are working to apply more comfort around understanding and choosing foods and continuing in your weight loss journey.

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Sixth Course

In this course we are going to talk all about mindset and the power it has on your weight loss journey. We will get in deep on topics like emotional and mindless eating, negative self-talk and how it affects your progress, and even how your brain is a LIAR. This course is aligned with the Mind Master stage of the PFN Roadmap.

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