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Lean Queen Lifestyle Membership

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Membership includes:

  • An individualized assessment to identify your needs
  • Personalized calorie and macronutrient recommendations to meet your weight loss goals, with ongoing adjustments as needed
  • Leadership from a highly trained registered dietitian who has helped thousands of women lose weight
  • Monthly live videos by Constance
  • Access to a member-only website that includes:
    • 40 page Lean Queen Lifestyle Guidebook
    • Video library
    • Tip sheets
    • Perfect Fit Nutrition exclusive recipes
    • Virtual (private) weight tracking
  • Private Facebook group access that includes:
      • Grocery finds
      • Recipe ideas
      • Cooking tips
      • Q&As
      • Alternating mini challenges such as: weekly workouts, water drinking challenges, tracking accountability, etc.
      • Daily encouragement and support from a community full of women just like you!

This program is completely virtual and can be done from anywhere, all you have to do is log in to get connected!

(A Facebook account is encouraged to reap the full benefits of the program, but you can access the member dashboard without a Facebook account!) 

Lean Queen Monthly Membership


Billed Monthly (on a 30 day billing cycle)

There is also a one-time sign up fee of $49 with this option!

Lean Queen Annual Membership


Billed Annually (on the same date)

A $517 value! You have no sign up fee + one month free with this option!