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The Lean Queen Lifestyle helps busy women lose weight while still eating the foods they love.

No fads or food restrictions.

No miserable plans to stick to.

No magic pills, gross bars or shakes to buy.

Does this sound familiar when trying to lose weight?

You sign up for a program promising meal plans you can follow and recipes you can make that will ensure quick weight loss.

You begin said program and at first you are super motivated and somewhat successful.

Over time, it becomes harder to maintain said program because you:

  • don’t really like to eat 5 small meals a day or

  • your daughter has softball games during one of your fasting windows and the concession stand calls your name or

  • carbs are your besties or

  • you are just flipping sick of eating the same bland food.

You eventually cave to all the foods you have been avoiding and decide that you must not be cut out to be a skinny, carrot eating gal.

Four to six months down the road, you find yourself starting up the same cycle, promising yourself that it will be different this time…. until it’s not.


We pride ourselves in not only helping our clients lose those unwanted pounds, but also finding a healthy relationship with food and self love again. Weight loss will always be temporary until you find a program that helps you nourish your body AND your mind.

Check out just a few of our many client wins!

What is the Lean Queen Lifestyle?

In the Lean Queen Lifestyle, we are different. We lose the weight and keep it off while eating all foods!

The Lean Queen Lifestyle is a weight loss program designed for you. We all live different lifestyles, have specific likes and dislikes, and work on different schedules and habits.

We cannot all be on the same weight loss plan.

We do not promise magic weight loss and rainbows and unicorns. TRUE and LASTING weight loss takes knowledge about what you are eating, commitment to work towards it daily, and time to allow the fruit of your work to shine through!

We know that your life cannot revolve around your diet and we don’t pressure you into trying to make it. Around here, we love real food and we are busy just like you!

We keep our program realistic and manageable so that you can stick to it and still enjoy life!

Learn how to lose weight and love it because it fits YOUR lifestyle.

Get easy and delicious recipes, practical tip sheets and guides, fun push challenges and more!

Become part of a community with experts and others just like you to support you and lift you up.

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