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Our programs help busy women lose weight while still eating the foods they love.







Does this sound familiar?

You want to lose weight but do not want to further damage your metabolism or relationship with food through another extreme weight loss program.

You have big goals, but just can’t seem to stick to anything long enough to make them happen.

You have an idea of what you need to do, but wish you had more support and accountability from others who understand so that you’d stay motivated and excited about your plan.

You just keep waiting to wake up one day motivated and ready to start… but one day hasn’t come.

We understand this. You are who we designed our programs for! Check out our two program options below to find your perfect fit.

We teach our clients how to lose weight while still enjoying the foods they love, without impossible standards or extreme methods!

Weight loss will always be temporary until you find a comfortable community paired with a program that is designed for Y-O-U.

Check out just a few of our many client wins!

What is the Lean Queen Lifestyle?

In the Lean Queen Lifestyle, we are different. We lose the weight and keep it off while eating all foods!

The Lean Queen Lifestyle is a weight loss program designed for you. We all live different lifestyles, have specific likes and dislikes, and work on different schedules and habits.

We cannot all be on the same weight loss plan.

We do not promise magic weight loss and rainbows and unicorns. TRUE and LASTING weight loss takes knowledge about what you are eating, commitment to work towards it daily, and time to allow the fruit of your work to shine through!

We know that your life cannot revolve around your diet and we don’t pressure you into trying to make it. Around here, we love real food and we are busy just like you!

We keep our program realistic and manageable so that you can stick to it and still enjoy life!

What is Lean In?


With Lean In we are sticking to our foundation of all foods fit, but challenging ourselves to tighten up physically and mentally to get the weight off faster than before!

Lean In is our six week challenge that is only offered a few times a year.  Consider yourself #blessed because sign up is open NOW!

We start April 17th and spots are limited!

Lean In was designed to help you buckle down and get serious and no longer coast through your weight loss efforts.

We guide you through identifying realistic goals with action steps to help you succeed. Our team of registered dietitians provide you with personalized nutrition numbers and a guidebook to follow. You will also receive unlimited resources for reaching those goals such as tip sheets, videos, exclusive recipes and more! 

Not only will you get all the tools you need to lose the weight, you will have the support and accountability you need to succeed with this program! You will get daily messages from me, we will complete a weekly weigh in (on your private dashboard), you will have an opportunity to find an accountability partner, and you will have access to the Lean In community where you can share meal ideas, more recipes, support and more with others in the program!

With Lean In we are tightening up. Less slips. More control. Same grace as always.

Whether you are new to our programs or have been around for years, this is the program for you if you are looking for a powerful restart on tackling your weight loss goals! 

Learn how to lose weight and love it because it fits YOUR lifestyle.

Get easy and delicious recipes, practical tip sheets, guides, a weight tracker and more!

Become part of a community full of experts and others just like you for accountability and support.

Choose from TWO programs now!

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Lean Queen Lifestyle
per month
$49 sign up fee, $39/month
Membership designed to teach and encourage a Lifestyle for weight loss and eventually weight maintenance
Monthly or Yearly payment
Personalized assessment with calories/macro recommendations
Access to highly trained registered dietitians
Lean Queen Lifestyle specific website and community access (different access and community from Lean In)
Lean Queen Lifestyle tip sheets, video library, 40 page guidebook, regular live videos
Exclusive Lean Queen Lifestyle recipes
Personal (and private) weight tracker with monthly virtual weigh ins
Mini challenges to stay motivated
Real life weight loss strategies such as doable cooking tips, recipes for picky families, losing weight when there is no time to exercise, easy grocery finds, eating on the go, losing weight when your schedule is crazy, healthier habits you can actually stick to, and more!
Daily encouragement and support from a community full of women just like you!
*reduced rate option for additional programs if you are a member of the Lean Queen Lifestyle
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Lean In 6 Week Challenge
one time
April 17th-May 28th
Weight loss challenge designed to help you tighten up physically and mentally and focus in on your weight loss goals
One time payment
Personalized assessment with calories/macro recommendations
Access to highly trained registered dietitians
Lean In specific website and community access (different access and community from LQL)
Tip sheets, videos, and exclusive Lean In Guidebook for individual goal setting and guidance
Exclusive Lean In recipes
Personal (and private) weight tracker with weekly virtual weigh ins
Daily checklist to ensure you are meeting your goals
Buddy system option
Daily accountability messages from the PFN team
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Who is Lean In for?


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