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Beverly is our biggest loser to date, at 131 pounds down! I could write a book about how amazing she is. She was determined to do it in a realistic way, and she definitely did! Beverly is now maintaining her weight loss with the same strategies she learned while losing with us and we are so proud!! Read about her journey:

“I started this journey because my weight had gotten so bad that I seriously thought it was going to kill me. I had so many aches and pains, I was on medication because my feet and legs stayed swollen. I have asthma but compared to others, my breathing was so bad, I couldn’t even walk from one end of my house to the other without giving out of breath. I knew that if I didn’t do something and get the weight off, it would eventually kill me and I could not do that to my family.

Since losing 131 pounds with the Lean Queen Lifestyle, I have come off of the medication for the swelling in my feet and legs and my lung capacity has increased from 79% to 92%. I don’t have as many aches and pains and not only can I walk the length of my house without giving out of breath, I walked my first 5K and never once did I give out of breath!!

During this journey, one of the biggest changes for me has been to change my mindset about “dieting” (I have always hated that term) and learned that I don’t have to restrict any foods from my diet in order to lose weight. I learned that if I want to eat that cookie or Snickers bar, just eat it, account for it, and move on. That I am not “dieting”, I literally changed my lifestyle and that means I don’t have to miss out on all the “good things”. So, if my family wants pizza for dinner, I go ahead and I count that pizza for the day, I plan the rest of my meals around that and I enjoy it!

One of the best tips I have gotten from the Lean Queen Lifestyle is to give myself grace. The old me would have thought, “Well, I ate horrible today, so I blew that, I’m done.” The new me knows that one day of eating does not end my progress. I just give myself grace and do better the next day. Learning to give myself grace, gave me so much motivation!

The Lean Queen Lifestyle was so instrumental in helping me reach my goals! The ladies in this group provide so much encouragement because we are all on the same journey. We all share tips, recipes, and life! It just makes it easier when you know others are out there facing the same struggles as you. You lift each other up and share advice on how to get over those struggles. The Lean Queen Lifestyle is truly an amazing group of women.

This program for me was a LITERAL life saver! It has been an amazing journey and it truly changed my life!”


Krista is a Stay at Home Mom to two and joined the Lean Queen Lifestyle to lose weight after giving birth to her second baby. In 5 months she has lost 28 pounds, all while breastfeeding and maintaining her supply! She has not felt restricted from foods and still regularly has her Reese’s! She has found her confidence again and feels so much better!


Victoria desperately wanted to feel better for herself and her family! She is killing it and is 25 pounds down, read her story!

“I knew a big part of doing better and feeling better for my family would be to make a change with my eating habits and choices. Many of my friends had told me about their success with The Lean Queen Lifestyle, so I decided to join.

It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have more energy to keep up with my 2 busy kiddos and I’ve gained more confidence than ever before. I love that I can still eat the donut or the pizza (or any of my favorite foods) and keep crushing my weight loss goals! Not once have I felt restricted throughout this journey!”


Meet Shelby, a 29 year old night nurse who struggled with all the unhealthy eating habits that tend to come with that job! She joined Lean Queen Lifestyle and has learned to take control of her eating habits regardless of her inconsistent work schedule!⠀

She says “Thanks to this lifestyle I have lost a total of 50.4 lbs/26.5 inches and counting! This lifestyle is so much more than losing weight, it’s a group of women that you can lean on when you struggle and celebrate your victories with! Plus I didn’t have to give up my favorite food group…. CARBS!!”⠀

Meet Nikki!

Nikki is 33 with 2 young kids and a nurse manager over two units.. On average she works 50-60 hours a week!

She is also in school for her doctorate degree. She is clearly very busy, but has committed to bettering herself and she has done just that! As a Lean Queen Nikki has lost over 50 pounds! She says:


“I have found I am most successful when I plan ahead/meal prep. Failure to plan = plan to fail (for me)! Perfect Fit has created a lifestyle for me that I can not only lose the weight but also, maintain! I have lost 50 pounds and no longer take medication for high blood pressure. I love the real life struggles and constant encouragement! I love wings and beer and I fit those two things in often!”


She has lost over 30 pounds with the Lean Queen Lifestyle and completely changed her relationship with food! Read her story below!

“As crazy as this is to say, I have been concerned about my weight as long as I can remember.  But after college, my weight really began to become a struggle.  For five years, I was the self proclaimed queen of yo-yo dieting.  You name it and I tried it if I thought it would help me lose the weight.  After joining the Lean Queens, I realized what bad habits I had developed with food and shifted my mentality from “diet” to “lifestyle”.  I’m proud to say that I have lost over thirty pounds, and kept it off for over a year.  I’ve still not reached my goal, but I know that Perfect Fit Nutrition has given me the tools to get there.”


Abby is a busy Realtor who is constantly on the go. However, the Lean Queen Lifestyle has made her weight loss attainable even through the busy days! She is down over 27 pounds and over 21 inches! Read more about Abby’s success below.

“Prior to starting Lean Queens I was working an 8 to 5 job PLUS being a Realtor. I was beyond stressed, the pounds packed on quick, and I was not happy with myself. During my first challenge I quit my 8-5 job to put all my efforts into the job I love as a Realtor. I have slowly learned that self-care comes first, and I have to give myself more ‘me time’ to be able to be the best version of me for my buyers & sellers (and family & friends)!

The daily obstacles and struggles of Realtor life consist of always being on the go and not having a clue how my day will go when I wake up every morning. Even with never knowing where I will be for meals and having the inability to say no to happy hours – I have been able to lose weight and stick to this!

I have lost 27.5 pounds and 21.5 inches, and have never felt better. I still enjoy my wine and margz and haven’t once felt deprived or starving. This has been a lifestyle change for me and has been the best decision I have ever made! I am SO thankful for the Perfect Fit Nutrition team and all the Lean Queens for their support. I still have a ways to go; however I am not overwhelmed and know that through the Lean Queen Lifestyle I will get to my goal weight!”


Meet this amazing Lean Queen- we will call her Jane.

Jane has been doing the Lean Queen Lifestyle for one year and lost over 70 pounds and 40 inches!

She has been dedicated since day one, but has also experienced a lot of life! Her goal was to lose 70 pounds in a year, and she hit it!

I could not be more proud of you Jane. You have been so exciting to work with!! ❤️


A busy wife, momma to 2, and attorney running her own practice.

I don’t even have the words to say for this one. Proud is an understatement. She has made me cry tears of joy more than once because of her absolute dedication and loyalty to this program.

Amanda is down 80 pounds and 47 inches since starting the Lean Queen Lifestyle!


Amanda was very hesitant to get started, as she felt she had tried and failed so many times before. Plus, in her words, she loves all the foods! But after some convincing, she joined her first challenge and hasn’t looked back.

Amanda has enjoyed food during several vacations, tailgating, parties, etc. but the difference is that now she is more aware of what she is eating and does not give up after one “bad” day… and it has obviously paid off!!

Not only has she been successful, but she is such a light to new members. So positive, helpful and uplifting when others may feel unsure. Amanda, it has been amazing to watch you do this! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!


She is down 13 pounds and 10 inches after becoming a Lean Queen! Read her story below!

“I am 28 years old and have never struggled with my weight. When I got pregnant I gained 45 lbs and stayed overweight even a year after having my son. I looked in the mirror and never liked what I saw, I thought If I wasn’t happy with myself how would I ever be happy in life. I needed to do something. I started the Lean Queen Lifestyle and working out and have had slow but successful results. I’ve learned a new way of life- I can EAT! I can eat yummy and healthy and have learned that sometimes I CAN splurge and have some pizza. I also can work in the occasional alcoholic beverage. The accountability is out of this world and Constance is there for you the entire way! I will forever be thankful for Constance and the Lean Queen Lifestyle for changing my life.”


Stacey is a wife and a stay home/homeschool mom of three teens. She is also a cancer survivor in remission for the past year!! She works out regularly and has her fitness in check! She joined the Lean Queen Lifestyle to improve the nutrition side of her health!

She is down 30 pounds, 24 of which she has lost since becoming a Lean Queen! Stacey says she still has struggles, specifically with being more prepared with healthy foods at home, but now she has the knowledge and confidence to keep doing her best each day. She firmly believes that you get out exactly what you put into it, and she is clearly putting in a lot of great effort!

Stacey I am so proud of you and your steady determination. You made up your mind and haven’t strayed! ❤️


I cannot even express how proud I am of this woman!!! Her determination and consistency is something fierce and has been awesome to witness!

Shaquana is a nurse and a momma to three young kids, two of which are twins!! Shaquana needed a weight loss plan that she could follow that would work for her super busy and unpredictable lifestyle. Read her testimony below to see how she has lost over 40 pounds with the Lean Queen Lifestyle!

“I never imagined I could lose this much weight after having my twins and nursing while still being a full time mom to my 4 year old, who is not willing to give up his weekly Chick-fil-A and neither is momma to be quite honest. Being a Lean Queen has taught me that I can still enjoy the foods I’ve always loved in moderation, how to make healthy choices when eating out with my family, and a whole lot about giving myself a little grace on those days that I need it. I’m so glad I decided to make this lifestyle change with the help of Perfect Fit Nutrition!”

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