Our weight loss challenges are designed to provide each member with individualized nutrition needs so that you know exactly what it takes to achieve your specific goals, while delivering tools and effective information to support you on your journey. Not only will you walk away from the challenge lighter, but you will walk away with solid nutrition knowledge rather than with a head filled with bogus do’s and don’t’s of yet another “diet.” You will have confidence in the nutrition choices that you are making for yourself and you will see the positive results of those choices! You will be surrounded by other individuals just like you who will help support and encourage you along your journey.

Challenges are our most cost-effective option, but they only come around a few times a year. Make sure to follow Perfect Fit Nutrition on social media to stay up to date on the next challenge date!

Current Challenge

Lean Queens Challenge

We are all looking to find the balance between bettering ourselves and managing what is required to do so. Weight loss can feel impossible and is very much a mental game. The Lean Queens Weight Loss Challenge provides you with individualized guidelines to achieve your goals, while providing tools to support you on your journey. Not to mention surrounding you with other women who get the struggles you face.

Become one of the hundreds of women who have learned the healthy life balance and seen the weight loss!