Breastfeeding Mommas!
We burn an average of 500 extra calories while breastfeeding (or pumping) exclusively. When you sign up, we use your account info to determine whether to give you the full 500 or less (depending on baby’s age, are they eating solids, are you supplementing, times you pump/feed a day, etc).
We are very experienced in working with breastfeeding women, so we use our best judgement to start. We try to give y’all a decent amount of weight loss (because I mean that’s what we are after right?) but also give you enough calories to maintain your metabolism and keep your supply.
Now, every momma’s body is different. ESPECIALLY when breastfeeding. So we ALWAYS ask you to make sure you drink allllll your water and pay attention to your supply. If your supply dips after a week or two of sticking to your numbers, we encourage you to email us for an adjustment! We want to see the weight loss, but we want to see a FED and FULL baby first!
(Also, we ask you to email us if you wean or drop feedings so that we can adjust you accordingly!)
As you all know, we lay eyes on every single persons account info and decide where to start you. But the computer program we use to provide your actual IAR page doesn’t define the addition of the breastfeeding calories. So you may have IARs that may look like this:
Basic calorie requirement: 2000
Calories to maintain present weight: 2000
Calories to lose 1 pound/week: 2000
I know it looks confusing but it is technology being annoying lol! Because you are breastfeeding, in reality the top two should have 500 extra calories (so 2500 for basic requirement and to maintain weight) and then the bottom number is correct for now, (2000 to lose 1lb a week) WHILE BREASTFEEDING. This changes once you stop.
Remember- these numbers were just an example. Go by what we give YOU in your email.
Moral of the story is this:
👉Trust us. Only pay attention to the bottom number.
👉Email if your supply dips or if you think you could go lower so we can adjust you.
👉This is why we should never let robots run the world. 👌