Lean Queens Assessment

I am so excited to have you join us for the Lean Queens Weight Loss Challenge! My mission for this challenge is to equip you with the tools you need to achieve the best and healthiest version of YOU. Since you will be watching many videos of me in the near future, I figured why not start now! Watch this video with more detailed information about the challenge and then complete the assessment below! The video is about 15 minutes long so feel free to listen to me on your drive somewhere, many people do!

Assessment Questionnaire

Remember, answering this assessment with detailed responses is very important to ensure that: 1) The calorie and macronutrient information provided to you best reflects you and your daily lifestyle. 2) The group receives information throughout this process that is interesting and helpful to you. PLEASE SUBMIT NO LATER THAN SUNDAY JULY 28TH, 2019! I will be completing these assessments in the order that I receive so the sooner you respond, the better!

*Please be sure to fill in all blanks before you submit. Otherwise, the assessment will not send to me!

Have you participated in a previous challenge by Perfect Fit Nutrition?


12 + 15 =


Make sure to ask to be added the group! Follow this link and it should take you to the request page. I will approve all requests closer to the time of the challenge start date.

  • This challenge will have virtual weigh-ins on July 31st, August 28th, and September 25th so that you can stay accountable from ANYWHERE! (information will not be seen by others in the group)
  • Please be sure to enter a true weight in the assessment to ensure accuracy of your nutrition plan
  • BE HONEST! Please know that I am not here to judge you. If you are not completely honest with me on the front end, I can’t help you achieve the goals that you desire. Help me help you!