Lose weight eating the foods you love.


♥Get confident in choosing food.

♥Undo fad diet damage.

♥Find grace and self-love.

♥Lose weight for good.



Lose weight eating the foods you love.




♥Get confident in choosing food.

♥Undo fad diet damage.

♥Find grace and self-love.

♥Lose weight for good.

→Do you feel like weight loss is hopeless without having to put your life (and taste buds) on hold?


This is what the weight loss industry has led us to believe. 

→Have you bought into too many quick fix promises that have left you frustrated and regaining the weight?

You are not alone.

So many women see the loss but cannot maintain the crazy restrictions and checklists required to actually keep the weight off for the long haul.

Let me tell you the reason you keep failing…

You are trying to force yourself into habits or food preferences that are not your jam!

You can try a million different diets, follow the rules and lose a few pounds, but if you don’t find a weight loss plan that fits into your individual:




→and busy schedule,

you will regain the weight every. single. time.

At Perfect Fit Nutrition, we lose weight by first assessing YOUR individual life, and then focusing in on weight loss actions that will fit in.

Here, you make the rules.

Read how these clients have lost weight while making the program fit into their own lifestyle.

These are women who have learned to enjoy food and life while losing weight!

Hey there! 👋 My name is Constance! I am registered dietitian and I want to tell you how my personal weight loss was the inspiration behind this business!

Ok, so I am a registered dietitian, which means I went to lots of school and through an internship to learn all things health and nutrition.

So naturally, early on out of school, I thought I had this weight loss thing figured out. 🤣

Even into the early years of marriage and my full-time job, I meal-prepped, grocery shopped, and pulled off healthy dinners like a boss.


→ I had my first daughter.

→ My husband got a new job and traveled more often. 

→ I got a promotion (exciting but higher work responsibilities).

Next thing I knew I found myself 60 pounds heavier (on the left), exhausted, constantly craving sugar and always rushing the clock to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Everything I once was doing to lose weight so easily was now SO extremely hard.

And honestly, I just didn’t have the motivation to even want to try to lose weight that way it again. 

→ When I get home from work I wanted to snuggle my baby instead of standing in the kitchen cooking for hours.

→ At night, I wanted to wind down and watch a show with my husband instead of exercising or meal-prepping.

→ I wanted to hit the drive-through instead of the grocery store.

→ I wanted to eat candy at my desk (definitely not the pre-portioned nuts I had packed) to help me stay awake after a night of no sleep.

→ I wanted to go out to eat with co-workers instead of eating the healthy (gross) lunch that I had brought.

I desperately wanted to lose my baby weight, but every time I attempted to go back to my old ways, I failed miserably.

Until one day I decided to put my extensive nutrition knowledge base away and take it back to the basics. 

I didn’t know it then, but looking back now it was through my own experience, that I created the foundations for Perfect Fit Nutrition.

Here’s what I did:

→ I consistently focused on a few actions, not overwhelming myself.

→ I tracked my intake, no matter if it was pizza or a salad.

→ I removed the shaming thoughts of foods being  “bad” or “good.” If it fit in my day, I had them and didn’t dwell on the details.

→ I got my water intake in daily.

→ I stopped exercising during that season- there was simply no time so I laid down that burden.

→ During outings or fun events, I chose to make memories instead of stress about getting into smaller pants.

→ I refused to eat foods that I didn’t enjoy.

→ And most importantly, I stopped beating myself up over a bad day or week.

I kept it basic and JUST KEPT GOING.

And guess what?


→ I got back into my pre-baby jeans and have been there ever since (except for during my pregnancy with daughter #2!)

→ People noticed and then in 2016 I began offering short weight loss challenges to teach women my method.

These challenges grew larger than I ever could have dreamed.

Women were desperate to learn how to lose weight and still eat all their favorite foods while being encouraged daily… and they were thriving.

In 2020, we transitioned to a membership program where I offer longer-term support and accountability to my clients.

Now, we open enrollment seasonally- when we start a challenge inside the membership!

We will open a new challenge soon so make sure to get on the waitlist.

We have seen TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds lost over the years by these amazing women, and I can’t wait to see you do it next!

And it didn’t just work for me…. 


Sooo… wanna know how to work with us at Perfect Fit?

Good! I know you will be successful here!


We open enrollment seasonally when we start a group-wide weight loss challenge. With the challenge we provide you with everything you need to start losing weight.

  • Personalized calories/macros
  • Over 75 trainings on weight loss and food and mindset
  • A weight loss roadmap
  • 130+ family friendly weight loss recipes
  • Accountability for meal planning, goal setting, and tracking
  • Member only podcast for encouragement
  • Access to our incredible community

… And it is all available on our exclusive members-only app!

Get on the waitlist- we will open soon!

PFN plus

This is our higher touch group program where you get to work with the team dietitians weekly to achieve your goals. In addition to recieving everything from the regular PFN Weight Loss program, PFN+ also comes with:


  • Weekly personal check ins
  • 2x/month group calls for weight loss support
  • Unlimited access to the team dietitians for feedback and support
  • Monthly mix and match sample meal plans- Several breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options within a set calorie range for you to literally plug in to your meal plan and be ready for the week!

You can start anytime but reach out to us and see if we have a spot for you! We keep this group very small. 

Want even more from Perfect Fit?

Check out these options!


Ready to start but our enrollment is closed? No worries! My $10 Realistic Weight Loss Course provides all you need to get started on your weight loss journey while waiting for your spot with us!


Every Tuesday I bring real conversation about weight loss. From food to faith to family and anything in between, I answer questions on weight loss and teach you how to Say Grace through the tough stuff.


Find me on Instagram or Facebook for daily weight loss conversation and encouragement! Make sure to check my stories because that is where I hang out most and share my favorite tips!




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