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Perfect Fit Nutrition helps busy women lose weight while still eating the foods they love! No exclusions, gimmicks, or pills. No ridiculous expectations. 

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Hey there! I am Constance, a wife, a momma, and a wine and Oreo lover who just so happens to be a highly trained registered dietitian. It is true that I have had a ton of education and clinical practice, but my program is based on more than that. Like you, I have experienced the tempting foods, crazy life, weight loss struggle. Perfect Fit Nutrition is based on helping busy women achieve successful and lasting weight loss. No two women have the same body, live the same lifestyles or love the same favorite foods. No two women should be working the same nutrition plan, which is why we see these mass fad diet attempts end in failure. I specialize in developing enjoyable weight loss plans based on the client’s individual lifestyle and needs. Let me show you how to lose weight, keep it off, and live a healthy lifestyle while still eating the foods you love…. let me help you find your perfect fit!

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Perfect Fit Nutrition programs encourage you to challenge yourself to start a lasting and enjoyable way of losing weight. Each member receives their own individualized nutrition needs and becomes a part of a community of women who do life together, learning about true nutrition and weight loss, and supporting each other throughout their journeys. 

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